Dan Colman emerges victorious at €100,000 Super High Roller

Back in the day, there were only a few highroller tournaments that interested players could attend and they were dissociated from prominent series. Basically highrollers got together on rare occasions to compete in exclusive competitions hosted by certain casinos. Things have changed a lot over the last couple of years and now pretty much any respectable poker series has such an event.

The last competition of this sort was the €100,000 Super High Roller, an integrated part of the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final. Paying a six digit amount just to be a part of a major tournament is not something that regular players can afford, but this doesn’t mean that there was a shortage of poker pros. A total of 50 players sat down at five tables on day one and 12 of them had to rebuy at least once after being eliminated prematurely.pokerbuddy

Some of them have good reasons to congratulate themselves for perseverance, others wish they hadn’t fire another bullet. Daniel Cates was one of those who ran into a lot of trouble early in this tournament, but eventually found a way to turn the ship around and finished second to claim almost €1.3 million. He is widely regarded as a remarkable poker player who won a lot of money over the Internet, so it comes as no surprise that he was feared at the final table.

Another player that gave opponents shivers down their spines was Ole Schemion the leader of the GPI top 300 and one of the constant favorites to win the Player of the Year award. Unfortunately for him he was eliminated rather quickly and was followed by Paul Phua and Rono Lo to the rail. Action slowed down to a crawl when four players were left in the race, with Richard Yong eventually succumbing to pressure and finishing in the fourth place.

The last three players had the option of playing on or reach an agreement, but the terms were not acceptable for all parties involved. It took a while before Kurganov was eliminated and the remaining two players were far more cooperative and so a deal was made. The two Daniels found it more practical to split the money according to their stacks and Daniel Colman got lucky in the last couple of hands.

In all fairness, Daniel Cates seemed far less concerned about what would happen in the last few hands and was willing to take more chances. What really matters is that both players won a seven digit amount, with Colman being the big winner with €1.5 million credited to his bank account. The other finalists didn’t leave empty-handed quite the contrary as they took these juicy payouts:

  1. Daniel Colman – €1,539,300
  2. Daniel Cates – €1,283,700
  3. Igor Kurganov – €1,128,300
  4. Richard Yong – €637,600
  5. Rono Lo – €493,340
  6. Paul Phua – €385,000
  7. Ole Schemion – €307,000
  8. Olivier Busquets – €241,000

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