Getting started

For those unfamiliar with online poker it is a new world that first can seem scary and confusing. Where to start, which poker room to choose, what about poker bonuses and is it safe to play is only a few of the many, many question that may arise. The truth is that it is very easy to get started playing poker online provided that you are over 18 and that you own a VISA or MasterCard. A VISA or MasterCard are not necessary but they do make it a lot easier and faster to get started and if you have one of these cards you could be playing in just a few minutes. Below I am going to give a quick instruction that, if followed, will have you playing poker at one of the worlds best pokers sites within a few minutes times. There’s a great swedish site about poker called, it’s a good resources for beginners.

  1. Go to Pokerstars is a reputable company, can be trusted with your money and is the worlds biggest online poker room. Here you will find the biggest online tournaments and 100 000s of players to play against. You will never be wanting for poker action as a member of pokerstars. You can however choose to go to another poker room if you prefer. Remember you can always join a second poker room later.
  2. Download the software. Shouldn’t take more than a minute or two tops. Once it is downloaded you should double click it and follow the onscreen instructions to install it. You will likely get a message that says a new version is available, choose okay to download the new version.. The software will install.
  3. Open the software you just installed and click the registration button, Enter the required data in the online form, choose password and poker name and click submit. Go to your mail box and confirm you email.
  4. You now have a poker account and can start browsing around the pokerstar poker client, see what games they offer, play some play money poker or a free roll. Once you are ready to play for real money it is time to deposit some money.
  5. Use the in client teller to deposit money. The easiest way is usually to just deposit directly from your VISA card. This also allows you to later withdraw your money directly to your card. Look at the bonus before you decide how much you want to deposit. Your first deposit will decide the size of your bonus. The bonus is however not that important so do not deposit more money than you want to play for just to get a bigger bonus. Remember that you will have to earn the bonus before you get it in your account.
  6. Your deposit should be approved and processed within seconds leaving you with money in your account ready for the poker tables. You are ready to sit down at a table and see if you have what it takes to become a winning poker player.