Keven Stammen makes deep run in online tournament at PokerStars

Every Sunday, PokerStars players get to choose between two major poker tournaments, but on Tuesdays, they only have one event to focus on. The PokerStars Super Tuesday gained a lot of traction recently and one week ago, 711 players participated, which represents a new record in the event’s history. Only 81 off the ones who bought in finished in the money and it was Marty “TheLipoFund” Mathis from Mexico that want the biggest price.Keven Stammen

As it happens in major tournaments hosted by online companies, the ones who made the final table contemplate the possibility of a deal. These arrangements usually happen in the final stage of the tournament, with three or four players remaining in the game. This time, the Mexican player and Milana Jones from Russia were so dominant, that they had no reason to strike a deal with three players during the game. Instead, they waited for heads-up began and then suggested a settlement.

There was plenty of money to go around and with the Russian player having the deeper stack, he had all the reasons to accept the ICM numbers. This proved to be a smart idea, because at the end of the day he finished second but collected more money than the winner. There was no shortage of poker professionals but despite their best efforts they couldn’t contain the unbridled enthusiasm and luck of amateurs.

Keven Stammen was among these professionals who took a jab at the first prize, but in the end he had to settle for a final table placement. It was still far better than what his counterpart accomplished and his performance translate into a five digit number. For the player who leads the GPI player of the year list ahead of Canadian poker professional Daniel Negreanu, the money itself is not impressive. What matters most for poker pros is to prove that they are competitive in online tournaments as well as live ones.

There were some other players who did a fine job at the final table, but Agentul05 and Xibummmmm were the ones who can consider themselves unlucky. They finished third and fourth and collected a combined amount of $130,000, while the other players scooped the amounts listed below:

  1. Marty “TheLipoFund” Mathis – $114,378
  2. Milana Jones – $116,696
  3. Xibummmmm – $71,811
  4. Agentul05 – $54,036
  5. Shyam “G’s zee” Srinivasan – $37,967
  6. FastCarsss – $30,217
  7. Takapillu7 – $23,107
  8. Nicolas “niccc” Chouity – $15,997
  9. Keven “Stammdogg” Stammen – $10,665

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