Viktor Blom crushes Phil Galfond at nosebleed limits

Two of the best online poker players, met again over the week at Full Tilt Poker playing two different games at nosebleed limits. In the past, Phil Galfond got the best of Viktor Blom, but the Swede is quickly closing the gap and in their last contest he won more than $600,000. The amount is staggering, but unfortunately for Phil, things went from bad to worse when he decided to move to other tables in an attempt to offset his losses.

Viktor Blom

He joined Dan Cates as the only two players to lose more than $1 million this week, a forgettable record that virtually wiped out all the profits they made in 2014. Cates didn’t lose a dime to Blom, but the Swedish poker player extracted maximum value from those hands played against Galfond. They chose to compete at 2-7 triple draw and 8-Game tables and on both occasions, Viktor emerge victorious.

The two players competed for a total of 12 hours, with the first four being less interesting, as action picked up speed at the middle of the session. They were playing at $300/$600 pot-limit Omaha tables, so it comes as no surprise that things quickly got out of hand. Blom’s overly aggressive style of poker caught Phil off-guard and in less than two hours, he stripped him of more than $500,000. Galfond did his best to limit the losses but he never found the strength to claw his way back in the game.

After a while, they moved to $2,000/$4,000 2-7 triple draw tables but Phil was unable to put his vast experience and incontestable abilities to good use. The session ended virtually undecided, so he had no choice but to accept the $600,000 lost. At the end of the day he had $1 million less in his account and it is most unlikely for Phil to finish the month about the profitability line.

“FakeSky” and Gus Hansen were two other players who lost significant amounts this week, while poker players who used the nickname “GSinishtaj” and “thecortster” won $60,000 each. The other big winner of the day was Sebastien Ruthenberg who won $145,000, his biggest score in one day this year.

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